The Best Fiorelli Handbag for your Star Sign, according to an Astrologist

If you’re into horoscopes and Zodiac signs then you’ll be interested to know what handbag you should be wearing depending on your star sign. We’ve teamed up with expert astrologist Harriet Emily to give you the lowdown on which Fiorelli handbag is going to be the perfect match.

If you’re struggling to decide on which women’s handbag to add to your accessory collection next, then we’re here to do all the hard work for you. Keep reading to discover what our lead astrologist Emily picked out for each star sign, based on individual traits.


“As the entrepreneur of the zodiac, Aries are always on the go and ready to share their latest business ideas with the world” Harriet says. This is why our timeless Fiorelli tote bags are ideal because of the ample space they provide to stay organised and effortlessly carry your essentials. While we have a range of totes to choose from, the Benny Tote makes the perfect accessory for this sign as there is plenty of space for a laptop and tablet which will help you stay organised while on the go.


“One of the zodiac’s Earth signs, Taurus is ruled by Venus which explains their love for beauty, luxury and the wonders of the natural world” Harriet explained. For all or Taurus customers we would suggest our best-selling Rami Crossbody in our new Enchanted Forest print, which matches the Taurus energy perfectly as the floral design adds a touch of nature to any outfit while still allowing colour to be at the forefront.


“As a sign that always has one million projects on the go, a thousand different places to be, and multiple sides to their personality, Gemini is the true Chameleon of the zodiac.” Harriet says. Our Design Manager, Nia, thinks the Finley Backpack is the ideal bag for this particular star sign to make sure you can carry every single essential you may need in your day to day life.


Harriet says, “as the nurturer of the zodiac, Cancer has an eye for detail and is always prepared for any encounter” therefore the Sigrit Tote is the ideal bag to fit everything a Cancer could need. The reason this ladies handbag is so perfect is because it has a super spacious zipped interior which means plenty of space for storing tissues in case you end up as the shoulder to cry on!” Harriet adds.


Leos effortlessly exude style and confidence and are naturally the centre of attention, Harriet says. “From day to night, Leo’s need a bag straight from the office and onto the party”. The perfect bag came to Nia’s mind which is the Sigrit Crossbody Bag in black or even silver. Harriet feels "the silver option will make any Leo’s colourful outfit's pop, making their standout wardrobe the topic of conversation”.


Virgo is the epitome of organisation, planning and structure. “They’re always prepared and can tell you their daily plan for the year ahead. They have endless calendars, diaries, folders, and phone alerts to prove their organisational skills” Harriet had to say. As such, Nia suggests the Benny Backpack as the ideal bag as is has plenty of room and two zip compartments for added organisation.  


“As the socialite of the zodiac, Libra is always ready for any social occasion” Harriet says, and because of this, Nia suggests the Alda Mini Grab Bag. “Libra’s glamourous style and eye for beauty makes the perfect match for this bag. An ideal size, they can make sure their style fits perfectly to any occasion and will always feel prepared to party, entertain and be up to date with the latest gossip" adds Harriet. The grab top handle and detachable crossbody strap makes it the perfect option if you head out and don’t know where the day is going to take you.


“Scorpio is the sign with an aura of mystery. As the intuitive sign that holds the worlds secrets in their mind, you never know exactly what a Scorpio is thinking. They keep their cards close to their chest” Harriet says. Scorpios need a Fiorelli bag to keep everything safe and secure which is why the Erika Tote is a top contender as it combines style and practicality effortlessly.


“With a flair for spontaneity and excitement, Sagittarius are known as the life of the party.” says Harriet. Ready for anything, “the Edith Clutch Bag makes the ideal accompaniment to any celebration outfit. This sleek and stylish bag is made from buttery folds of faux leather which is ideal for Sagittarius, offering a fashionable way to store everything they’ll need from taking day to night” adds Nia.


“Capricorns are all about wealth, business, and success. They are the true go-getter of the zodiac, and fully believe that if you can dream it, you can do it” says Harriet. These types of people are usually on the go which includes commuting, so the Anna Backpack is the perfect accessory for Capricorns, says Nia. “With space for a laptop, journal and even spare clothes, in case they end up working late.”


“Aquarius is the sign that loves to stand out. Known as innovators who think and see things differently, they have a unique style and love for inventing ideas and products that could change the world” says Harriet. Nia suggests the Anna Mini Backpack could be an ideal match for their style due to its small, unique nature and perfect for safely storing notebooks with their many valuable ideas inside!


“As the psychic of the zodiac, Pisces are always 10 steps ahead. In tune with all the different possibilities that the day may bring, Pisces love to be prepared” Harriet says. “Even if it’s sunny in the morning, they’ll have an umbrella packed and ready with a hunch that it might rain” she adds. Nia thinks the Agatha Tote could be ideal as it will allow you to store essentials for every eventuality, with a generous main compartment and three internal pockets for organisation.

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