How to style a backpack

Backpacks are universally known for being practical and hands-free when it comes to being out and about, which makes them bestsellers for a reason. From small, medium and large to classic and floral, we're here to give you a helping hand when it comes to choosing the best backpack.

Different types of backpacks

Whether you're looking to pick out the perfect companion for your commute, or want something cute and compact for the weekend, backpacks are the perfect way to keep things practical, stylish and organised. There are a few key things to consider when adding a backpack to your accessory collection so you can be sure you're picking the best backpack to suit your lifestyle.


First of all, start with the size. Understanding the occasion you're picking a backpack for is a good place to start when it comes to figuring out whether you need small, medium or large. Staying small with a Finley Mini or Anouk is a great minimalist approach to only take the essentials, whereas going for a medium or regular sized backpack might be the best bet for more of a day to day rucksack. If you're looking for the perfect commuter companion, then one of our large Phoebe or Anouk backpacks will be roomy enough for your laptop.

Colours and tones

Colour and tone is important, especially when investing in a backpack. If you're new to the world of backpacks then picking something quite classic in colour like a black or tan is the best way to ensure you're investing in something you're going to get lots of wear out of. Tan is an especially good choice as it's transitional throughout all the seasons to suit different looks. If you're adding to your backpack collection then you can afford to go a little bolder, perhaps with a colour or print. The key here is to look at what you've currently got in your wardrobe to make sure your chosen colour, print or finish complements your style and outfits.


We're proud not to use animal products when it comes to Fiorelli backpacks, or any of our handbags, which means all of our backpacks are made from a soft faux leather. The quality and look is still stylish and premium, but the faux leather creates a more conscious choice when it come to accessories. Our gorgeous hardware complements all of our styles perfectly.


Practicality is also key when it comes to picking the right backpack, so have a think about what you'll need to fit inside. If you're just looking for one main compartment and a couple of extras to keep things organised then small and medium will suit you just fine. However, some of our bigger backpacks like the Anna have side pockets to store an umbrella or water bottle. 

Styling large backpacks

Our large backpacks are the perfect hybrid between structured enough to contain everything you need but casual enough to take it from the office to the airport. Our Anouk Large is an adaptation of our classic Anouk backpack to give you extra room for all the things you might need, including a padded divider for your laptop. If you want more of a relaxed style then our Phoebe backpack has a flapover closure to keep things comfy and casual. It's worth taking a look at all of our backpacks to see what size and design suit your style best.

Styling small and mini backpacks

Our small and mini backpacks are very popular for casual trips and daytime adventures, due to their small size yet practical interior. Being hands-free but feeling like you're not carrying something bulky is desirable, especially in the warmer months. Our small backpacks come in a range of classic colours, as well as more seasonal hues like a pretty floral, chic off white and bold hot pink. A simple design which will go with multiple outfits in your wardrobe.

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