Styling Tote Bags

A tote bag is a classic and timeless staple that should be in every woman's wardrobe. Versatile in nature, they can be perfect for an overnight stay so you're not short for space, or they also make a great commuting companion as they're roomy enough for laptops. With a range of different styles and colours, we're here to guide you on exactly how to style the perfect tote if you've already got one or are adding one to your accessory collection.

How to style a tote bag


The best thing about tote bags is their size. You don't have to worry about hand-selecting the items you want to put in as you're quite simply spoilt when it comes to space. Don't worry, it's not just one big bottomless pit, tote bags are usually equipped with functional inside slip and zip pockets so you can still keep this type of handbag effortlessly organised.

Colours and tone

Choosing a colour is important when it comes to totes, depending on the occasion. If you want something that is classic and will see you through the seasons, then opting for black is always a good idea. However we've got a lovely selection of seasonal colours if you fancy something more aligned with the weather. From white weave and cocoa croc to winter leopard and dusky pink, the decision is all yours.


This is something at the top of our list when it comes to designing handbags, because you shouldn't have to compromise functionality for style. As a tote can be a throw everything in kind of bag, our Chloe tote comes with a double strap to ensure it's sturdy and comfortable on your shoulder. Whereas our Thea also has a secure zip top closure to keep your valuables hidden at all times.


We're proud not to use animal products which means all of our totes are made from soft, quality faux leather. Our croc finish definitely gives a more structured finish if you want your bag to be a little bit smarter and house some internal pockets, however our open top Chloe tote is more soft, slouchy and casual for those slower paced weekends. Why not opt for something a little more trend-driven with our chic weave finish in tan or white.

The best outfits to style a tote bag with

Casual and comfy

Lots of tote bags can give off that cool, comfy and casual look which is why they make a great weekend bag. Whether you want to pop something on your shoulder for a day trip or fancy throwing everything in for an overnight stay, pairing it with soft casual clothing is great way to achieve that effortlessly dressed down look.

Smart and sleek

Our more structured totes suit can often suit a bit of a smarter environment, and we've got plenty to choose from that might be the perfect match. When styling a tote bag, be careful not to wear anything that might crease or crumple easily under the shoulder straps. Dressing smart doesn't have to mean dressing boring.

Nice and neutral

Classic neutrals are always really quick, simple and easy way to keep things looking classy. Whatever the weather or the season, neutrals can be elevated in Summer or complemented in Winter when it comes to a timeless tote. If you want your bag to do all the talking, then a tote bag might be for you.

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