How To Style A Crossbody Bag

This classic type of handbag has been around for a long time, which means you might be wondering if crossbody bags are still in style? You'll be pleased to know, the answer is yes! We believe that a crossbody bag should be at the centre of your accessory collection, as they allow for style and practicality at the same time. So, if you want to look and feel good when wearing a crossbody bag, keep on reading.

Different styles of crossbody bags

Crossbody bags are loved for a reason, and that's because they're a super casual way to carry your essentials effortlessly. Usually small and minimal, they keep your accessories streamlined while still allowing you to pack what you need. The next question is, how do you pick the perfect one?


 While the typical size of a crossbody bag may be pretty obvious as they're usually small, you'll often be surprised at how spoilt for choice you can be. Our compact camera style crossbody bags like the Anouk and Beau have an oval shape top so you can fit lots in a small space. If you're scoping out a slightly bigger crossbody bag then the Erika or Agatha has more height, depending on what you want to fit inside.


Colours and tone

You can't go wrong with classic black when it comes to crossbody bags, simply because they go with everything. But you also don't have to play it safe, a colour can add a little edge to your outfit if you want to try something different. A seasonal print can be a nice way to break up tonal outfits if you want your accessory to do the talking, or a chic hint of gold for those more special occasions.


Functionality is usually at the heart of why we tend to opt for a crossbody bag, as this style of bag often makes minimalism look and feel better. Our camera style crossbody bags are a better day to night transition, whereas our more slimline styles like Rami and Rita encompass weekend casual. If you want to take functionality up a notch, our crossbody phone bags really achieve that effortless, stripped back and minimalist look. 


We're really proud that all of our bags and purses are made from faux leather, as we don't use animal products. We've achieved a soft, buttery finish to create products that feel as good as they look. If soft and slouchy doesn't work for a certain type of occasion, then a different kind of finish can also be a nice way to style a crossbody bag. Try a chic quilt or croc to add an extra finishing touch. 


Dos and don't of styling a crossbody bag

1. Choose the right style, depending on the occasion

Some of our styles are much more casual and work well for the day, but if you want a more transitional crossbody bag or something for the evening then it's important you pick the perfect one. Our new Astrid style has gorgeous chain detailing for something a little more special, and the croc finish has a timeless appeal which will see you through the seasons.

2. Don't select a colour that won't complement your wardrobe

If you wear a lot of neutral, tonal clothing then something plain and simple might work better to maximise your existing pieces and get the most wear out of your new crossbody bag. But if something a little more floral takes your fancy then make sure the colours sit within a similar colour palette to the pieces of clothing you reach for most often.

3. Do wear it properly

Making sure your crossbody bag feels comfortable is key. You might be wondering how low a crossbody should hang, and the key is using the adjustable strap to ensure it's the perfect height. There are no hard rules so it's down to doing what feels best for you. Usually allowing it to sit on your hip is a nice natural spot to start.

How can you style a crossbody bag?

Just because you're buying one type of bag doesn't mean you can't style it in different ways. We pride ourselves on our bags being stylish and practical. You might be wondering how to wear a bumbag, and you'll be pleased to know they can double up as a crossbody bag for a more relaxed, everyday look.

If you want something with a little more edge, the Lyra crossbody comes with a fun fabric leopard print strap which means you can style it a bit more effortlessly. If versatility is at the top of your wishlist, the mini Nova grab has a detachable crossbody strap which can transform you from weekend to wedding in seconds.

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